Weeride vs ibert – Which Best Child Bike Seat

Your child loves cycling, and you want to spend quality time with your child on two wheels. With a good child bike seat, you can ride your kids on the bicycle safely. Then, it would help if you need clarification about the safest and the most suitable one. After that, you will also think about whether to get a front-mounted seat or a rear-mounted seat.

How lucky you are to find this right page in front of your screen. We will provide you with the best Bike Seats: Weeride vs. iBert. Who is the winner? Better you read them first.

ibert vs weeride Step by Step


WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

We will not talk about features since it was all discussed in Weeride vs. Yepp Mini. But, we will explain some benefits if you choose Weeride. Weeride can allow your child to have an adult-eye view of the bike trip, but still, the weight is well-positioned. There is a big reason for this Weeride Kangaroo Child Bike Seat to be chosen because it is one of the cheapest options with the highest weight limit of the front-seated models and a weight of 40 pounds. Weide is also very comfy for the kids because they can enjoy the nice backrest and longer foot supports.

Moreover, you can upgrade it to the deluxe padded version of the Weeride. There’s a nicely padded handrest for your toddler’s little pudgy mitts. It’s been relatively easy to train your kids to rest their hands there rather than trying to steal the handlebars from you. The WeeRide is easy to remove in a moment if the adult wants to ride alone. You keep the bar attached and unscrew the seat with a big hand-operated screw.

Using this Weeride in the commonplace, everyone will smile at you when you have a cute baby in a front-mounted seat; of course, the happiness is contagious. In some instances, this bike seat is worse; weeride are intended for smaller babies with shorter foot supports.


The iBert Safe-T bike seat has a straightforward design that may be among all bike seats. The insert comes standard with a locking lap bar, padded seat, and steering wheel, especially for the newer models. If we leave the packaging, the iBert is ready to be installed with two simple bolts and a minimum of 0.75 inches of space on either threaded or threadless headset bikes. Also, the included mounting bracket is compatible with almost all bikes on the market.

While hands down the most straightforward front-mounting seat to install, the mounting system does have some drawbacks. You must remove the mounting bracket if you want to use the bike without the seat. If not, the frame protrudes 7 to 8 inches from the stem, becoming a safety hazard. Secondly, the seat has a slight wobble to it once installed.

The wobble will not be substantial enough to be deemed to “safety hazard,” but it is pretty noticeable during a side-by-side comparison with the BoBike Mini. Like many reviewers, the iBert is room for improvement. If you can’t afford a BoBike or Yepp seat or are concerned with compatibility, the iBert is worthy of your consideration.

Weeride Vs. iBert

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We recommend you to the Weeride. If you have a Weeride, we can see that you will be pleased with it. However, we can’t say that we have tried the iBert previously, but if there are options Weeride vs. iBert, the Weeride does appear much more sturdy. There are several threads with comments on this you guys can see. We also recommend you search, and you will see the load of words. Good luck with making your choice.

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