Tommaso Forcella Review – Entry-Level With Premium Value

If you are looking for an entry-level road bike that you can rely on for various purposes, consider Tommaso Forcella. Some time ago, the manufacturer shook the market with the famous Tommaso Imola. This time, the manufacturer has heightened the ante up with Tommaso Forcella.

Bringing various upgrades as well as high-quality components and features, Tommaso Forcella is being priced quite competitively, making it an excellent bike model holding such a premium value. 

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Tell you what; Tommaso Forcella comes with a comprehensive list of Shimano components. Shimano hardware is always trusted by bikers worldwide for exquisite performance and durability. Tommaso Forcella comes with a complete set of Shimano Claris – all the crankset, cassette, shifters, and derailleurs are all premium Shimano Claris. By the time of the release, Tommaso Forcella was the only road bike with an entire Shimano drivetrain without mixed or matched pieces.

Hence, all components work perfectly and fluidly with each other, delivering an ultimately smooth riding performance that every biker deserves. Tommaso Forcella comes with Claris 30/39/50T Triple Crankset at the front and a Claris 12x25T Cassette at the rear, offering you an incredible range of speeds for new challenges. There is a total of 24 rates available!

Furthermore, Tommaso Forcella has the same high-quality frame identical to those used in higher-end models. With an HCT carbon fork, Tommaso Forcella has a reduced weight and attenuates road vibrations effortlessly. Even though designed as a road bike, Tommaso Forcella is so versatile that you can also use it for commuters.

Equipped with heavy-duty mounts on the rear, Tommaso Forcella is an excellent choice for going out to work and exploring the city. Another great thing, Tommaso Forcella is available in several size options, from XS, S, M, L, to XL. You can have the one that fits your physically the best!

Tommaso Forcella comes with a WTB Volt saddle that is very reliable for relieving pressure and keeping the rider comfortable even in long travels. The featured Tommaso TRS Ultralight Sports Series Handlebar is very lightweight and compact yet has a decent width. The handlebar has a 125mm drop, allowing every rider to access such a convenient positioning.

The width varies between the size variants, 400mm for the XS size, 420mm for the S, M, and L sizes, and 440mm for the XL size. Meanwhile, Tommaso Forcella has Tommaso TC-30 Wheelset with a 30mm rim, 20 front, and 24 rear spokes.

Pros of Tommaso Forcella

– A reliable ride for beginners and veterans

– Rugged and durable frame

– High-quality Shimano components

– Available in several sizes

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