Strider ST4 Vs ST3

The comparison between Strider ST4 Vs. ST3 is a good idea for you who are looking for the right balance bike for your kids. Both of them are balance bikes from the same brand, which is Strider. Sure, both look similar, but they have some similarities and differences. Each of you has a different need for the balance bike or no-pedal bike, so you can get the right choice of the no-pedal bike which is suitable to your requirement.

Both ST4 and ST3 have the same targets. Kids can use them at the age of eighteen months. That is because they have a lightweight body that is easy to carry and handle.

However, the maximum weight for ST3 is much better, which is sixty pounds, while the ST4 is only fifty. That is a significant difference. Then another difference that we can find is the tread of the wheels, which are redesigned to have better traction.

Many ST3 users often say that the problem with this bike is the tread does not offer good traction, especially if it is on a surface that is not paved. For the finishing of the body, the difference is not significant. It is about the paint on ST4 that is coated with scratch-resistant quality.

Strider ST4 Vs ST3

Brand Strider Strider
Features – Weight: 6.7 pounds – Seat height: 11 to 16 inches – Warranty: 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects – Weight: 6.4 pounds – Seat height: 11 to 16 inches – Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
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In summary, both Strider ST4 and ST3 have good quality. So, the result of the comparison goes draw. If you are looking for excellent traction on the bike’s wheels, you can choose the ST4 ones. However, if you buy the no-pedal bike for the big kid, it is better to select the ST3 one because it has a better maximum weight.

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