Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 Cyclocomputer Review: Budget-friendly, Multi-purpose Device

Over thirty years have passed since the first time Sigma produced one of the very first bike computers. They foresaw the future in 1998 by producing their own heart rate monitors, but, at that moment, those products did not sell well, most probably because people were not ready to use advanced technology equipment yet. Recently, they updated their bike computer line-up by introducing Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 Cyclocomputer.

You can define the product as a combination of a bike computer and a heart rate monitor. As the modern technologies have been developed to the point where a single small device can perform various multi-tasking, why not simply unite those two things in one neat cyclocomputer?

Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 Cyclocomputer Review

Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 Cyclocomputer is equipped with a whole lot of features. Speed functions for your riding performance, heart rate functions including burned calories display, barometer, and seven altitude functions are all ready to serve your actions. We are especially happy with the practical home altitude setting and the clear, very readable screen of the device. You can easily see the information being displayed even though under a bright sun. The bundle is already packed with the equipment needed for your convenience: speed transmitter, cadence transmitter, a chest strap, and a wristband for the device. Perhaps, the only downside of Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 Cyclocomputer is that it can only save data from one session at a time, so you need to sync it with your computer first before starting a new work.

The Features

  • – Speed
  • – Cadence
  • – Heart rate
  • – Altitude (IAC)
  • – Temperature
  • – PC compatibility
  • – 19-hour log capacity
  • – Lap counter (99 laps)
  • – 10-second recording interval
  • – Hiking mode

The Plus

– Wide range of functions and features
– Good display
– Easy on-the-fly usage

The Minus

Limited storage space

The Price –Check the best price of Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 Cyclocomputer here!

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