Sigma BC 1609 Review: High Performance, Ultra-low Price

Cyclist enthusiasts need some cadence functionalities equipped on their vehicles to improve their riding performance. You need to choose, maintain, or improve your cadence to minimize muscular fatigue during a long action. If you need something cheap and budget-friendly yet fulfills those needs, also durable, then you definitely would love to see Sigma BC 1609.

Sigma BC 1609 Review

The cycling computer is only priced at around thirty dollars, which is cheaper than most similar products on the market. However, it would help if you did not underestimate it because it can surpass your expectations. The device is surprisingly very durable and can handle damp weather without any problem. Even it can last for three years. It covers all the basic needs of a cycling computer by displaying the current speed, maximum speed, average speed, cadence measurement, and trip distances. It also comes with a backlight, temperature information, timer, and stopwatch. Guarantees that You can record your biking action correctly.

Sigma BC 1609 is a wired system. Hence, you will avoid interference problems typically happening on wireless models. This is the product you can rely on for a very fair price.

Product Specifications and Features

Product Category Computers

Brand Sigma

Model BC 1609

Country of origin Germany

Release date 2011


General Functions

Languages setting, seven languages

2 wheel sizes adjustable

Automatic recognition of the second bike

Automatic start /stop


Battery status display

Backup function (storage chip)

Current temperature

Bike Functions

Actual speed

Average speed

Maximum speed

Trip distance

Comparison of current and average speed

Programmable trip section

counter fourth/back

Authentic cadence (optional)

Total distance bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2

(Not shown while riding)

Time Functions

Riding time



Countdown timer

Total ride time bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2

(Not shown while depending)

The Plus

– The very affordable price!

– Diverse functionalities will live up to your needs

– Durable as well as weather resistant

The Price

Check the best price of Sigma BC 1609 here.

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