Schwinn Capitol 700C Review: Affordable Multi-Purpose Hybrid Bike

So, you are looking for a truly flexible and versatile bike that can be relied upon for a wide variety of purposes, from commuting, street riding, to even off-roading on paved trails. Well, Schwinn is one notable manufacturer who has produced several bike models that are loved by lots of users due to the reasonable and competitive prices, as well as the excellent performance. The company would like to show you their Schwinn Capitol 700c! It is affordable and budget-friendly, and truly a hybrid bike ready for any challenge!

Schwinn Capitol 700c comes with an aluminum frame that features the Schwinn suspension fork. The bike is quite lightweight, allowing for easy portability which is crucial for a mobile and busy person. Even so, the frame is pleasantly rugged and durable. It comes with an 18” medium frame size. It can be suitable for most people, though some with a bigger physicality may find it a little bit too small. Schwinn Capitol 700c comes with a pair of 26” 700c alloy wheels with high-profile rims. Again, the wheels are very sturdy, ensuring that the bike is ready to serve a variety of tasks and will last for a long time. The front wheel features a quick-release system for easy storage, maintenance, and customization.

Schwinn Capitol 700c, despite the price, makes no joke with its specs and features. It comes armed with high-quality Shimano shifters and rear derailleur. It has 21 speeds available. Gear changing is very smooth and quick, and it’s got plenty of power to help you climb a hill as well as rush against the time. The front and rear alloy V-brakes provide superior handling and stopping power. Last but not least, the combination of suspension seat post and the soft saddle with springs delivers superb comfort even through an extended riding session.

Specifications of Schwinn Capitol 700c
SHIPPING WEIGHT Approx. 44 lbs
FRAME SIZES 18” / medium frame
MAIN FRAME Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame
FORK Schwinn suspension fork
· 26” wheels
· 700c
· Alloy wheels with high-profile rims
· Quick-release front wheel
SPEEDS 21 speeds
SHIFTERS Shimano 21 Speed EZ-Fire shifters
REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano rear derailleur
BRAKES Front & Rear Alloy V-brakes
SEAT POST Suspension seat post
SADDLE Soft hybrid saddle with springs

Pros of Schwinn Capitol 700c
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly
– Rugged and sturdy frame
– Hybrid design, suitable for various purposes from commuter usage to off-roading
– Quality Shimano components
– Comfortable seat, thanks to the suspension and soft saddle with springs

Price of Schwinn Capitol 700c
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