Saris Bike Porter Review: Simple and Easy Bike Rack

If you often travel to many far places with your bike, of course, you need a bike rack so that you will be able to bring your bike quickly to your car. However, many bike rack products are available on the market, and choosing one can take time and effort. We can’t tell how good something is until we use the thing, or at least until somebody else says so. Now, if you are seeking a budget bike rack that you can use as easily and practically, Saris Bike Porter is the way! It does not require much effort or science to install, yet it can hold your bikes reliably.

Saris Bike Porter is a two-bike trunk-mounted rack, which means you put it at the rear of your car. It can hold up to two bikes at once. However, you should know that there are also three-bike and four-bike variants if you need a bigger capacity. It has an arc-based design that fits over most spoilers, separating bikes on different levels. So, no need to worry about your bikes getting some contact with each other. It is also designed to keep your vehicle safe. Your cycles will not cause scratches on the rear of your car as long as you reasonably put them.

Saris Bike Porter features a durable steel frame that can hold up to 35 pounds of mass from each bike. The number is much higher than the average bike weight, so Saris Bike Porter is undoubtedly ready to serve heavy duties. Even if your cycles are heavy, Saris Bike Porter can handle them. It also has built-in ratcheting and anti-sway straps that stabilize the bikes. Unfortunately, though, it only keeps the bikes somewhat unmoving. The bikes can still swing a little bit, so keep in mind to drive your car carefully.

Luckily, though, Saris Bike Porter gas-grooved rubber cradles separate shift and brake cables from the bike frame, ensuring they will not get tangled. It also has heavy-duty foam pads that keep your car’s finish safe. The key feature here is the adjustable and padded EasyAttach fit system that is compatible with most vehicles and very easy to install and uninstall.

Specifications of Saris Bike Porter


Durable steel frame construction.

Carries 2 bikes (35 lbs/bike).

Folds for easy storage.

Heavy-duty foam pad protects vehicle finish.

Ratcheting anti-sway straps and hold-downs secure and stabilize bikes.

Grooved rubber cradles separate cables from the bike frame.

Weight: 9 lbs.

Pros of Saris Bike Porter

– Relatively cheap

– Protection foam for your vehicle’s finish

– Very easy and straightforward to use

– Sturdy steel frame material

Price of Saris Bike Porter

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