Retrospec Bike Reviews

Retrsopec is famous for producing robust and long-lasting bicycles. They make a broad range. This Retrospec bike review provides details of their highest-rated bikes and their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to decide which bike is best for your lifestyle.

1) The first bike you should consider is the Mantra fixie. This is a lightweight bike built with the best materials. It comes with comfortable pedals to run your errands without pain. Plus, a lot of accessories come with the bike. The Mantra fixie has the weakness of not being foldable. This isn’t the bike you want if you are a competitive biker. However, for the casual rider, this will impress you.

Features :

 – 2014 Model with many upgrades such as sealed bearing hubs, integrated seat clamp, platform pedals, water bottle mounts, and kickstand mount

 – Fixie bike with Super Deep-V rims and a flip-flop hub so you can ride fixed-gear or single-speed

 – Includes free headlight, bike tools, Retrospec FGFS straps, and reflectors

 – Hand-built UrbanComfort frame is perfect for cruising on the beach, an alley cat race, and everything in between

 – Standard with Kenda Kwest Tires, the perfect commuter tire designed with smooth rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle with Sealed Bearing Hubs and Headlamp

2) The next bike is the Speck SS folding bike. This has been built with the busy commuter in mind. It is light and portable enough to be carried on one hand into work and placed under your desk. It is a fully functional bike with the added benefit of being carried anywhere. This reduces the risk of stealing it because you can always have it folded up and close to you. However, this bike has much smaller wheels than a standard bike.

Features :

 – Folding single-speed bike with rear coaster brake perfect for riding around the city, easy to carry and store in small spaces

 – Ideal for commuting or exercise on paths that are mostly flat or smaller hills

 – Lightweight Aluminum frame is up to 30% lighter than steel or Chromoly

 – 20″ Wheels with Kenda Kwest commuter tires with smooth rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves

 – Folding time of 10 seconds with the folding handlebar tube, top tube, and pedals

Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle, Matte Navy, 20-Inch/One Size

3) The third bike to consider is the Sid-7 Lady. It has very comfortable seats and is built with a headlight, tail light, and a place to attach a basket. It is built for the adventurous female with its optional pink color, comfortable ride height, and smooth pedaling. The only issue is that You cannot fold it, so it isn’t portable like the Speck SS folding bike.

In conclusion, all the bikes from Retrospec have different colors, many accessories, and excellent after-sales customer service. This Retrospec bike review has given you more details about choosing the best bike for your needs.

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