Proform Exercise Bike Review

In this post, we plan on giving you a thorough ProForm exercise bike review to help you better understand if this exercise bike is the one you need to finally lose that excess weight. ProForm is a worldwide leader in exercise equipment, and they have built a great reputation of delivering top quality products that help their customers get into shape fast even without having to go to the gym. See also: Upright exercise bike reviews.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

The bike weighs 350 lb and comes with a nice LCD display, quick braking system for swift and safe stop, adjustable handles and also included are two workout DVD’s to help you get started with both using the bike and getting into shape quickly from the comfort of your living room.

– You can lower the sound the bike makes by adjusting the flywheel
– Quick stop braking system avoids any injuries by stopping the bike properly if you get too tired and want to avoid getting a cramp
– LCD display works well, tracking several stats such as your heart rate, RPM or how many miles you’ve ran, also calories

– Can be a bit noisy, but a lot less noisy compared to other bikes in this price range
– The seat could use a cover for better comfort, especially for males

This is definitely a good bike for its price, especially if you don’t want something overly complicated and simply need to avoid becoming a couch potato. For a simple bike to have in your home and do some regular exercise, it does well to achieve its purpose. The bonus DVD’s are a very nice extra addition, as they are extremely motivating. They’ll keep you on your bike and help you shed extra pounds all on their own. Concluding this ProForm Exercise Bike review, we can safely say this bike is a must have if you want to lose weight from the comfort of your home, without having to break the bank.

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