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So, you may want to get Polar V650 or Garmin Edge 520. These two products are available in a similar price range, and people often match the two against each other.

Even so, you may find Garmin Edge 520 pricier than Polar V650. So, what are the distinctions between these two cycling computer models?

The Polar V650 Vs Garmin Edge 520

Below, we will discuss the differences between Polar V650 and Garmin Edge 520 to determine which model holds the most value for the money!


One great thing about Polar V650 is the high-res color touchscreen. Besides providing such convenient information reading through its large 2.8-inch display screen, the touchscreen control is also efficient.

Under the display screen, you can find intelligent visibility LED light to provide illumination and safety in dim conditions. The layout of the display is very intuitive.

However, Garmin Edge 520 is also a great product. The model also has a high-res color screen showing intuitive and informative information. The difference is that Garmin Edge 520 does not feature a touchscreen.

Instead, the model provides buttons for control. Of course, both models are durable and weatherproof. Garmin Edge 520 is slightly bulkier than Polar V650 due to the buttons on the sides.

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Again, one crucial factor that you should remember to consider in choosing between Polar V650 and Garmin Edge 520 is the connectivity. Polar V650 does not have ANT+ connectivity, so it can’t work with ANT+ sensors. You will need to use Bluetooth-based sensors or the ones provided by Polar. On the other hand, Garmin Edge 520 is compatible with ANT+ sensors.

On the bike, these two models have the same functions and features. They can track similar data, including route and heart rate. There are also various training features. However, off the bike, Garmin Edge 520 offers the best reliability. Polar V650 works with the Polar Flow app and can sync with Strava, but the sync time can take the whole day. Garmin Edge 520 is compatible with the Garmin Connect service and can sync with Strava, which syncs much faster.

Polar V650 Vs Garmin Edge 520

FeaturesAdvanced cycling computer with integrated GPS and unique Smart Coaching training features – Large 2.8 inch color touch screen- easily monitor training data even at high speeds – Provides accurate altitude data with barometric pressure sensor;New bike mount allows solid and easy mounting – Instant data sync, training analysis and sharing via Flow app and web service – Seamless connectivity with compatible Bluetooth Smart heart rate and cycling sensorsOffers in-ride challenges through Strava live segments – Reports cycling-specific VO2 max and recovery time when used with power and heart rate – Pairs with compatible ANT+ indoor trainers for data display and control – Tracks Functional Threshold Power (FTP), watts/kg and cycling dynamics when used with Vector or Vector 2 power meters – Connected features: automatic uploads, live tracking, smart notifications, send/receive courses, social media sharing, weather
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In general, Garmin Edge 520 makes the best way to go. Besides, because of the ANT+ connectivity, it can sync faster with compatible apps and services.

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