Mongoose Impasse 29 Review – Quick Overview

Being tight on budget but needing a mountain bike should lead you to choose Mongoose Impasse 29. It’s normal for you to think, “With that low price, is the mountain bike going to be okay?” The following Mongoose Impasse 29 review should answer your question.

“Unboxing” Mongoose Impasse 29

True, it isn’t enjoyable to know how little information about specifications and reviews about Mongoose Impasse 29 is. But you can call yourself lucky because you’ll learn how this bike is worth the money to spend.

Well, once you have the bike assembled, the first thing you want to do is to adjust the disk brakes. Fortunately, it’s not an experienced-expert matter. Follow the manual, and you’ll be just fine. What’s vital is how the bike surprisingly rides well. Somehow, the 29’er tires give easier riding even on rough surfaces.

If you like having some “adventurous and off-road” riding, this bike is a suitable choice. See how the front fork can absorb bumps well despite its so-so appearance. It’s a pity the cycle doesn’t have any pneumatic or, at least, hydraulic dampening. If it does, the riding should be even more adequate (but with that price tag, having no hydraulic dampening is reasonable).

Comfort-centered Bike

Try sitting on the seat, and (once again) it is surprisingly convenient and soft. If you want to ride the bike for quite a long time, you don’t need to worry about having your crotch numb! The bike’s total weight is relatively light compared to the other similar mountain bike. It’s a good thing since you can expect some maneuvers quickly.

Almost all frames are made of aluminum, and that’s the reason behind the lightweight feature. One thing lacking is how the brake levers are made of aluminum and plastic.

Yep, even the people who don’t know anything about bike notice that such a combination is far from strong. You might want to spend some extra money to replace it with an alloy set for additional comfort.

However, despite the shortage, this bike gives more value in this Mongoose Impasse 29 review than the price tag.

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