Kask Protone Vs POC Octal Bike Helmet

Kask Protone and POC Octal are two road bike helmets priced initially similarly. Consider these two when Giro Synthe is unavailable.

It is worth mentioning that they both come with an excellent appearance and extra beneficial features, so, commonly, many people are uncertain about which one they should buy.

One mainly boasts its aerodynamic design, while the other focuses on safety. Here is a comparison of them.

Kask Protone Vs. POC Octal Bike Helmet

Both helmets use polycarbonate shell material combined with EPS foam so that you can expect equal protection and durability from both of them. It is quite intriguing that they both are designed with super-large holes for ventilation. Anyhow, the difference is evident here on this point.

Kask Protone Bike Helmet

Kask Protone’s aerodynamic design allows only eight front vents to let air flows onto the user’s head and six large exhaust holes on the back to emit the heated air. The helmet does a decent cooling job, though.

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POC Octal (CPSC) Bike Helmet 

Meanwhile, POC Octal is given 21 extra-large vents to ensure the best cooling power on your head. The helmet seems to have more holes than the shell. But don’t worry. The body is thick enough and has been made specifically for protection despite the vent holes.

Both helmets have different fit systems but can fit correctly on the user’s head. Kask Protone is lighter than POC Octal. Hence, it may be more comfortable on your head and increase performance. Kask Protone is available in more color variants than POC Octal.

However, POC Octal has a light-reflective element on its surface to ensure your visibility to other riders on the road and an ICE feature to allow first responders to contact an essential person during an emergency.

Kask Protone Vs POC Octal

Features– Shell Material: polycarbonate – Impact Foam: EPS foam – Fit Adjustment: Octo Fit – Visor: no – Certifications: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063– Shell Material: polycarbonate – Impact Foam: EPS – Ventilation: optimized vents – Fit Adjustment: size adjustment system with low contact area – Visor: no
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As the bottom line, POC Octal is more suitable for casual road rides with those side features. Kask Protone will deliver higher performance if you need something for racing.

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