Giro Saga Helmet Review: Light and Comfortable Women’s Helmet

Wearing a durable yet comfortable helmet is very important for any bike trip. However, finding a helmet that is suitable for women’s needs can be quite a challenge. In this article, we will take a look at Giro Saga Helmet review, a bike helmet specially designed for women. Is it truly the best solution for you?

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Giro is aware that women have specific needs and preferences that differ from men. Some of the factors that may have differences between women and men include style, color, fit, and ventilation. So, the company introduced Giro Saga Helmet as a part of their Women’s Series bike helmets. It is a lightweight and highly comfortable bike helmet featuring Giro’s best technologies, tailored specially for women. For men, see Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Review!

Giro Saga Helmet’s template is based on the bold design of Giro Synthe Helmet, which is a very popular model loved by many male riders. Giro Saga Helmet also comes with the company’s modern technologies, such as the highly durable in-mold polycarbonate construction, Roc Loc 5 Fit System, and two-way fit adjustment.

Giro Saga Helmet boasts a slim and streamlined design. It is so lightweight, and it offers enhanced ventilation to provide the much-needed breathability and air circulation for the comfort of the head with thicker hair. This model comes with three Super Fit sizes to give you a bike helmet which looks and feels like it was specially made for you.

Design and Appearance
From the look alone, you may already expect Giro Saga Helmet to be truly lightweight. It looks streamlined and compact. The shell has lots of air vent ports, which are distributed from the front to the rear of the shell in equal numbers. This makes you think that it is very cool. The design is quite sporty, yet it is without sharp edges. As the effect, it emits some chic air around it. Overall, it is a very good-looking helmet.

According to Giro‘s official page, Giro Saga Helmet is currently available in only four color choices. They including matte bright pink, matte white floral, matte glacier, and matte black/pink. However, depending on where you live, your local stores may have other color variants such as flame and black galaxy. You can also find other color variants from online stores.

Construction and Build Quality
Giro Saga Helmet features an in-mold polycarbonate shell that is very tough and durable. This is the same material used in other Giro’s bike helmets. The in-mold construction of the outer shell is fused with impact-absorbing EPS foam liner. The fusion enables Giro Saga Helmet to be both lighter and cooler than traditional bike helmets, and provides enhanced ventilation.

The build quality is very good. At first, one may worry that the numerous vent ports may reduce the coverage and protection of the bike helmet. However, although it is streamlined and lightweight, the shell still provides good coverage and protection for the head. The frame is rather thick, and it covers the right spots for complete protection. So, it can protect the head against impacts from all directions.

Although Giro Saga Helmet is a Women’s Series bike helmet, it is important to point out that women’s and men’s heads do not have any real anatomic difference. The differences are just about the size, diameter, and fit. So, Giro Saga Helmet is designed to provide the best fit for women by adjusting those three factors.

Also, Giro claims that all of their helmets cover 98% of the entire human population, as they have designed their products according to large amounts of data from around the world. Hence, Giro is very confident that the Saga can give the best fit for most women than any other brand.

The proprietary Super Fit sizing is based on the company’s human scale data and over 25 years experience in handcrafting helmets. Giro has created helmet molds for up to 4 adult sizes that match the human body’s form. As the effect, Giro Saga Helmet can give you a snug and precise fit that feels as if it is custom-made for you.

Of course, Giro Saga Helmet comes with the Roc Loc 5 Fit System. This technology allows you to tune the fit tension as well as the fore-aft tilt easily within seconds, with a single hand. This is definitely one of the company’s best features. Adjusting the fit is very easy and quick, and you can customize it in any way you want.

Giro Saga Helmet has 22 vent ports with internal channeling. The vent ports are placed in good positions on the front as well as the rear. As the effect, you can get even breathability and air circulation across your head. The helmet is also very lightweight. The fit, lightweight design, and ventilation all make it a truly comfortable bike helmet.

– Shell Material: in-mold polycarbonate – Impact Foam: EPS – Ventilation: 22 vents, internal channeling – Fit Adjustment: Roc Loc 5 – Visor: no

If you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable women’s bike helmet, Giro Saga Helmet is a highly recommended choice. The in-mold construction is very durable, offering serious coverage and protection. This model also comes with a good-looking design and many color choices. The fit is great. There are 22 vent ports with internal channeling; the ventilation is excellent across the head.

Giro Saga Helmet Review: Specifications
Highlighted Features:
• Women’s Series
• Streamlined Design
• In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell & EPS Liner
• Roc Loc 5 Fit System
• Super Fit Engineering
Fit System: Roc Loc 5 Fit System
Construction: In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS Liner
Ventilation: 22 vent ports equipped with internal channeling

Giro Saga Helmet Review: Pros
• Snug and comfortable fit
• Lightweight, doesn’t put much pressure onto the head
• Excellent breathability, doesn’t get hot
• Tough and durable shell construction
• The price is not expensive

Giro Saga Helmet Review: Price
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