Giro Quarter Helmet Review: Comfortable and Durable MTB Helmet

Finding a good MTB or BMX helmet may be quite difficult. The models in this segment often have limited features. However, Giro Quarter Helmet is a very interesting product. It has a bargain price, yet the features are great. Continue reading the Giro Quarter Helmet review below to see whether it is the helmet that you’ve been looking for!

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According to Giro as the manufacturer, Giro Quarter Helmet is one of their lowest-profile helmets that they have ever made. This is indeed very interesting, as the low-profile design makes it lightweight, comfortable, and easily wearable with a goggle. It is also the lightest model that Giro has ever made with a durable ABS shell. So, despite the low-profile and lightweight appearance, it is really rugged and durable to provide real protection to your head.

The essential features that you expect from a reliable MTB helmet are here. It already has a tough outer shell, an EPS liner for impact absorption, riveted webbing anchors for comfort, and plush sweat-absorbent pads which can be easily swapped or removed for adjusting and dialing in the fit. See also: Giro Chronicle vs Montero.

There is another standout feature, which is the polyurethane coating. This coating helps to protect the helmet’s EPS liner against daily wear and tear. Thanks to this coating, the helmet can be highly durable and long-lasting. It ensures that the helmet can last through heavy-duty usage. It is available in three Super Fit sizes and a wide range of great colors.

First Impression
Giro Quarter Helmet does not look overly fancy. At first, it looks rather plain and simple. However, it has a certain air that makes it attractive. Perhaps, this is because the elegant matte color matches well with the curves. By the way, the helmet is available in many color choices, such as black, blue teal, bright green, vermilion, flame, frost, and turquoise.

Perhaps, one of the very best features of Giro Quarter Helmet is that the price is kept affordable. You can get it with a budget of about $40. With many bike helmets nowadays having $200 price tags, it is certainly refreshing to see a well-designed product available at a bargain price.

Build Quality and Durability
The company has put a rubberized polyurethane coating on the edges of the EPS liner foam, on the very places where it may get damaged after coming into contact with the ground. Considering that these helmets often get thrown around onto the ground or concrete by youth users, the decision to put a protective coating to the EPS liner foam is a wise decision.

Fit and Adjustability
Giro Quarter Helmet is equipped with the company’s proprietary sizing system, called Super Fit. According to the manufacturer, the Super Fit sizing system is designed on ‘human scale factors’ data along with more than 25 years of experience in handcrafting helmets.

This system is made to provide the most secure and comfortable fit to each user. Hence, it comes with multiple sizes for different types of users. Super Fit creates helmet molds in four adult sizes in order to match the human body’s natural form; it feels like it is custom made specially just for you.

Giro Quarter Helmet is also equipped with the Fit Kit pads system. These Fit Kit pads allow you to change and adjust the fit of your helmet in a matter of a few seconds, without the need of any additional tool. You can simply choose the best-fitting combination of the fit pads. You can swap them out to create a customized fit and to optimize the comfort and stability.

For sure, the Fit Kit pads work very well as intended, and many bikers love them. It is fast and easy to allow you to customize and personalize the helmet’s fit without any hassle.

Design and Comfort
Honestly, BMX helmets are quite a bit of an under-served market. The helmets in the category usually receive very minimal advancements in tech, size, fit, and ventilation. Apparently, this is because many companies think that BMX helmets are only relegated to the ‘youth’ part of the market and aren’t really needing advanced features. Of course, that is a mistaken thinking, as many BMX bikers need serious high-quality helmets.

Fortunately, with the rising popularity of all-mountain biking and pump tracks, along with the increasing emphasis on youth protection, we can expect a change. Giro is one company that has sought out to evolve the BMX helmet category while keeping the price tag down.

Giro Quarter Helmet is one of the company’s latest helmets, and it offers a range of cool features to introduce to the market segment. Giro Quarter Helmet comes with eight vent ports and removable/washable pads for enhanced cooling performance and comfort.

Finally, form factor and weight are on the low-end levels. This helmet is compact, lightweight, and portable. The lightweight nature makes it comfortable to wear over a long period of time. After all, a lower profile helmet is safer, as it has less rotational leverage on the head in the event of a crash.

– Shell Material: [shell] ABS, [liner] EPS – Ventilation: 8 vents – Fit Adjustment: Fit Kit pad system – Recommended Use: dirt-jumping, freeride – Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Giro Quarter Helmet is an excellent value for the money. It is available at a very affordable price, yet it comes with very good build quality and features. The fit is great and comfortable. The shell is tough and durable, and the EPS liner comes with a protective coating which enhances the longevity.

Giro Quarter Helmet Review: Specifications
• Polyurethane Bumper for protection
• EPS Liner
Construction: Durable ABS Shell with EPS Liner
Ventilation: 8 vent ports
Fit System: Fit Kit Padding

Giro Quarter Helmet Review: Pros
• Comfortable and lightweight
• Available in many sizes
• Durable construction
• Has many color choices
• Compatible with a goggle

Giro Quarter Helmet Review: Price
Check the best price for Giro Quarter Helmet here!

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