Giro Hex Vs Phase

Among the most exciting adventure sports, mountain biking surely deserves its place. It is an adrenaline sport requiring fitness, bravery, and excellent control in rough terrain at incredible speeds. It has four main disciplines, which vary in style: downhill, cross, cross-country, and trail-quest.

Since this is a sport, adequate protection and safety gear are required to minimize accidents and mishaps. Your first line of defense is the helmet which can protect your head in adverse situations. Talking of helmets, there has been a hot debate about Giro Hex Vs. Phase helmets and this article might shed some light on it. (Take a look: Giro Hex Vs. Xar)

The Giro Phase helmet is one of the most sought-after helmets by bikers. It is compact, durable, and cool, ensuring comfortable riding and handling the most daunting climbs. It is undoubtedly a super-value item in low-profile helmets. This helmet is rugged, and it snugly fits your head. It has a detachable visor that can protect from sun, rain, and tree branches. On the flip side, it is heavy compared to Giro Hex and is quite noticeable. Despite having a lot of ventilation holes, it does get hot, and the padding in the helmet will get drenched with sweat. I would not recommend this helmet for hardcore bikers since it may get hot and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the Giro Hex helmet has a rugged style, impressive performance, and value. It has a unique user experience with better comfort, stability, and adjustability. It lets you quickly change fit tension and adjust vertical position. You can go in for a tighter feel on challenging terrain by twisting the dial or backing it off a notch to relax. It is much lighter and easier to control than the Giro Phase helmet and offers a tad more coverage at the back of the head.

According to popular votes, the Phase helmets are usually suited for Singletrack or Crosscountry races. It is marketed as a racier helmet and thus more expensive. On the other hand, Hex helmets are positioned as Trails with full suspension and are meant for bike day riders.

Giro Hex Vs Phase

Giro HexGiro Phase
Features– A higher level of performance for all-mountain riding – Roc Loc 5 Fit System – Full-wrap In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner– Snap-fit 2 visor – CONSTRUCTION – In-mold – EPS liner, polycarbonate shell – FIT SYSTEM – Roc Loc® 5 / VENTILATION / 27 vents
Ratings*4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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In the end, both helmets provide more or less the same comfort level, comparative quality and durability features, safety, and stunning looks. Leaving all other factors out of the equation and zooming in to safety, the giro wins hands down with its extra coverage at the back of the head in the giro hex vs. phase competition.

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