Garmin Edge 810 Vs 520

As an overview, Garmin Edge 520 is the upgraded version of the already excellent previous Garmin Edge 500. It is a product with a total value for a relatively low price. With a bunch of incredible feats, many people start comparing it to the mid-class Garmin Edge 810. In this post, we will put the two side by side to see which is more excellent value! See Garmin Edge 500 Vs. 520.

Edge 810 is more significant than Edge 520, but shamefully, it has a smaller screen and display resolution. It is also heavier. Thus, the Edge 520 is much more convenient regarding external factors alone. Edge 520 is only missing the touchscreen available on Edge 810.

There are also some pluses and minuses in the features of each model. The primary advantage of Edge 810 is that it allows the user to add maps and memorize the routes. However, even though Edge 520 only comes with the base map, it compensates by having more other features that the Edge 810 does not have. These features include GLONASS (the Russian navigation system similar to GPS), intelligent notifications that will integrate with your phones (yes, just like the Edge 810, Garmin Edge 520 is capable of connecting with your other gadgets), and, more importantly, an auto-sync capability for the Garmin Connect.

Garmin Edge 810 Vs 520

  Garmin Edge 810 Garmin Edge 520
Brand Garmin Garmin
Features live-tracking, instant upload, ride-sharing capabilities, social network sharing, weather updates – Displays market-leading, comprehensive ride data (incl. Speed, distance, time, heart rate1, cadence2, elevation, power3, location – a 2.6″ rugged and customizable color touchscreen.Edge 520 offers a high-resolution, 2.3-inch color display – In addition to pairing with standard ANT+ sensors -including power meters, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, – battery life of up to 15 hours – Connected features include automatic uploads, live tracking, send/receive courses, social media sharing, and weather.
Ratings* 4.2 out of 5.0 stars 3.4 out of 5.0 stars
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Unless you need the ability to add maps to your bike computers, opt for Garmin Edge 520 instead of Garmin Edge 810. With the cheaper product, you can get more functionalities, a better display, and even the automatic synchronization many people crave!

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