Garmin Edge 200 Vs 500

A bicycle, also called a bike, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. Someone who rides a bike is called a cyclist. Lately modern bikes come equipped with the latest state of the art technology mostly the GPS (Global Positioning System) which is a space-based satellite navigated system that provides location/time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to various GPS satellites. This system offers significant capabilities to diverse users; military, government amongst many. This article will aid in comparison of Garmin Edge 500 vs. 200.

Garmin Edge extra features
Garmin was the first company to introduce GPS to bicycles and the first to enable cyclists put routes on the map and record metrics with accuracy only GPS can provide.

The Garmin Edge 500 has an important training in that it’s easy to use and offers better functionality the extra data from the cadence and the heart rate sensors as compared to the Garmin Edge 200 which won’t display additional info from heart monitors and other sensors, but it will give you basic ride information.

Garmin Edge display
The Edge 200 is extremely easy to set up as compared to the Edge 500 and the data required is mainly your age, weight and gender. There is a backlight which can be set to stay on, so you can see it at night. The battery lasts for at least twelve hours even with the backlight continuously on. Compared to the Edge 500, the backlight is the same, except its always defaults to “off” when you turn the unit on, you have to press a button to turn the backlight on, even if you set it to continuous. The Edge 500 looks kinda same, but has a display which you can set to show any function. You can select from one to eight fields, and there are three screens so you can have three different displays. This can be considered a bit complex due the various data entered.

Garmin Edge 200 Vs 500

Garmin Edge 200Garmin Edge 500
Features– Sleek, lightweight design – Easy-to-read display – Auto time zone – There’s no setup required , just pop it onto the included bike mount and you’re ready to roll.– High-sensitivity GPS receiver. – Easy-to-read display. – Barometric altimeter – for precise climb and descent data. – Battery life – up to 18 hours. – Sleek, lightweight design
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The conclusion for Garmin Edge 500 vs. 200 can be based squarely on the user. For a beginner, the 200 is fine and for the professional riders go for the 500 because of the extra functionality of the 500.

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