Cygolite Trion 1300 Review – Compact High-Performance Bike Light

Many users have said this Cygolite Trion 1300 is one of the best bike lights, if not the best. With such a compact design, it provides superb brightness whenever needed. Running through a crowded city where you don’t want to blind every other driver precisely but want to be seen well? No worries. Cygolite Trion 1300 can be adjusted to have lower strength, thanks to the lighting modes provided. It won’t disappoint you.

Again, Cygolite Trion 1300 has an exterior look almost identical to other Cygolite products. However, here, we can see a distinctive indicator lamp layout at the upper side and silver color at the front part of the body that envelops the light bulb.

It is heavier than the products of the lower class, with 260 grams of mass, so you may not want to put it on your helmet. But its weight is not a concern if you put it on your handlebar instead. By the way, the lock-tite handlebar mount is very satisfying. The support properly holds the lamp in its place, no matter how bumpy the road is.

The lighting system comprises a superior triple optic and triple LED design, utilizing the second generation of industry-leading Cree XM-L LEDs. Thus, Cygolite Trion 1300 can quickly produce a maximum light output of 1300 lumens. No joke, such power is very bright that you can make your way without a hitch through ultra-dark hills.

An excellent choice for bike adventures. Eight lighting modes are available: Boost for the maximum power, High, Med, Low for a steady beam with the lowest strength, Steady Pulse, Day Flash, Slow Flash, and Walking. The battery capacity is sufficiently satisfying to provide the energy needed for long trips. Read the product specifications below to see the complete list of maximum run times.

Product Specifications

Number of LEDs – 3

LED Output (Max) – 1300 lumens

Total Modes – 8

Run Times

Boost (1300 lm): 1:45 hrs

High (900 lm): 2:30 hrs

Med (650 lm): 5 hrs

Low (150 lm): 16 hrs

SteadyPulse: 3:30 hrs

Day Flash: 40 hrs

Slow Flash: 12 hrs

Walking: 38 hrs

Charge Time – 4 hrs

Mounting – Handlebar

Battery Mounting – Internal (external compatible)

Weight – 260 g


– Superior illumination!

– Various lighting modes for different circumstances and needs.

– Relatively low charge time.

– Excellent battery capacity!

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