Cygolite Streak 310 Review : Low Price, Sufficient Light

Okay, the dude is here! Streak 310 is a budget-friendly model from Cygolite that is excellent for some rides around the city at any time. In short, the product indeed provides good brightness and illumination to the surroundings, especially to the front. The product is also great to make yourself seen by other road users, both at day and at night. We must agree that Cygolite bike lights have a sophisticated design that allows them to get the job properly done. Unfortunately, Cygolite Streak 310 does not last for a century.

Looking at its design, Cygolite Streak 310 has nearly not a distinction from other models by the same manufacturer. The exterior look is so typical of Cygolite. The 310 lumens LED is placed in the bulb shrouded by an aluminum bezel. And you can rely on its durability. Being water resistant is almost an absolute rule for bike light products, and Cygolite Streak 310 meets the standard well.

The ultra-bright 3W CREE x-lamp LED provides superb brightness that spreads very far. You can be easily seen from a hundred feet away, and you can see conditions of the pavement in front of you from some proper distance, giving enough time to hit the brake carefully. The product is armed with five lighting modes: low (50 lumens), med (180 lumens), high (280 lumens), steady pulse, and day walking. In low mode, you can easily make 10 hours trip. However, for proper lighting at night, med and high are more appropriate, and in these modes, the light lasts roughly about 2 hours only. At most. Hence, you need to make sure that the light is fully charged before going out, and you may not prefer the product for long adventure in very dark environments.

Product Specifications
Battery: Internal Li-Ion
Charger: 3 hours
Level (Safety/Hi-Power): Hi-Power
Modes: High/Medium/Low/SteadyPulse/DayLightning
Mount: Handlebar and Helmet (helmet mount not included)
Number Of Bulbs/Type: 1 LED
Oversize Bar Compatible: Yes
High: 1½ hours; Medium: 2½ hours; Low: 10 hours; SteadyPulse: 3½ hours; DayLightning: 5 hours
Weight: 90g

– low cost,
– excellent brightness,
– various modes.

Battery life is not impressive.

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