Cygolite Dash 350 Vs 320

A bike light is vital for every bicyclist. It would help if you had it not only for some visibility during the night but also to be easily seen by other drivers and riders during the day and sometimes to help them snap out of daydreaming, too (how ignorant road users are!). For the best value per money needed, consider between Cygolite Dash 320 and Cygolite Dash 350. Perhaps, you are now looking for the differences between the two models. Continue reading, then!

Why the similarities

Yes, they can be very look-alike with each other. That is because Cygolite Dash 350 is the updated version of Cygolite Dash 320. The manufacturer continually updates their various products to meet the day-to-day increasing standards. So, from appearance, size, and weight, also most of the specifications and features, Cygolite Dash 320 and Cygolite Dash 350 share many similarities. With either product, you need to use an elastic rubber band to attach the light to your bike’s handlebar. The strap is decent and robust enough to keep the light in place properly and securely. Both products are water resistant and able to work under the rain.

Then the difference is

The LED brightness. The older 320 model has 320 lumens LED. The newer 350 model has 350 lumens LED. Cygolite lights are always considered high-quality because they can provide excellent illumination even at the darkest night. The increased power is not precisely noticeable to the naked eye, and the 320 is already very visible even from half a block away. But, still, the 350 can deliver a slightly brighter illumination.

Cygolite Dash 350 Vs 320

Cygolite Dash 350Cygolite Dash 320
BrandCygo liteCygo lite
Features24/7 Safety Technology features exclusive night and day modes that enhance visibility and safety– This product is of 320 lumen headlight – This Product is USB rechargeable – Made in United States
Ratings*4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars
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They are being sold at roughly the same price. Cygolite Dash 350 is the best way to go. But, if you can get Cygolite Dash 320 at a lower price, you will be satisfied with it.

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