Cycleops Magneto Vs Fluid 2 – Which Best Bike Trainer

We all love riding a bicycle, but what should we do? Well, do not slack off! You should continue training if you want to maintain your edge and power. A primary trainer is an excellent way to keep your legs trained during the winter or whenever you can’t ride a real bike.

Cycleops Magneto Vs. Fluid 2

Below, we will compare two mid-range trainers: Cycleops Magneto vs. Fluid 2.


Cycleops Magneto is the lower-class model of the two options. This trainer is available at a lower price point, so it can be your choice if you have a minimal budget. You can get it for less than three hundred dollars.

Meanwhile, Fluid 2 is a higher-class model. It is more expensive, although the price gap could be more dramatic. You need a budget between $300 – $400 for this trainer. It is an excellent choice if you don’t mind spending extra bucks.

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Resistance Unit

So, both Cycleops Magneto and Cycleops Fluid 2 are rear wheel-on trainers. Why is the a price difference? The Magneto model is equipped with older technology, whereas the Fluid 2 comes with a more refined resistance unit.

Cycleops Magneto features a progressive resistance curve provided by an advanced magnetic resistance unit. This mechanism is indeed cheaper. It is less durable, and it works more roughly.

On the other hand, Cycleops Fluid 2 features a fluid resistance unit that also provides a progressive resistance curve. This is a more refined mechanism that offers improved performance and durability. It works more smoothly, and the reduced friction can help it to last for a longer time.


How does the performance of Cycleops Magneto vs. Fluid 2 compare? If you are looking for the smoothest and quietest rear wheel-on trainer, Cycleops Fluid 2 should be your choice. It is noticeably smoother and more modest than the more budget-friendly version.

Cycleops Magneto has a decibel rating of 66 – 68 dB when paddled at 20 mph. On the other hand, Cycleops Fluid 2 offers a more pleasant performance with a decibel rating of 64 – 68 dB when working at the same speed. You can feel the difference. It feels smoother.

Other Features

Both Cycleops Magneto and Cycleops Fluid 2 are compatible with 142×12 thru-axle and 148×12 thru-axle, as well as with 20” and 24” wheels. However, you must install a suitable adapter to pair your trainer with the thru-axle or reel. Both models can be paired with a cycling power meter or speed/cadence sensor to work with virtual training programs.

Cycleops Magneto Vs Fluid 2

Features– Trainer is a great way to keep your legs in tip-top condition during the off season – Magnetic trainer features progressive resistance – Power band technology offers a wide resistance range Includes a training DVD– Made from rugged 2-inch round 16-gauge steel – Comes with a lifetime warranty from cycleOps – Adjustable footpads for a stable ride on most surfaces – Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials
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If you don’t mind spending more bucks for a smoother and quieter performance, Cycleops Fluid 2 is the way to go. It features a fluid resistance unit for a better, more comfortable version. Otherwise, if you prefer to save some money, Cycleops Magneto would do. Both can be paired with additional sensors for working with virtual training programs.

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