Brooks B66 Vs B67 – Compare for You

When choosing for the right saddle for an upright bicycle, people often put Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 into their consideration. One just cannot put Brooks away, because the manufacturer has been there for a long, long time ago, enduring and establishing its big name on the market by producing high-quality products from time to time.

One of its legendary product is, of course, Brooks B66. The product was first produced in 1927 and is still being manufactured even until now. A lot of people love Brooks B66 for superb performance. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has designed a newer model named Brooks B67. The updated model is aimed to be a more modern version of the older model. Which one should you choose?

Brooks B66

Brooks Saddles B66 Bicycle Saddle

Brooks B66 has been on the market since 1927, among the most loved bike seat products. It has 260mm length, 205mm width, 101mm height, and 1050g weight. Its rear part is wider than its front part. It is classically sprung with double suspensions and dual rails at each suspension to provide the utmost comfort to the rider.

Brooks B66 is a very great and ideal all-rounder, suitable for daily cycling across the city and also for touring. People use it in a rather upright posture. Brooks B66 is best for bikers who set the handlebars to be higher than the saddle. Usually, the more upright your riding position is, the saddle that you need to choose should be wider and more heavily sprung. Brooks B66 makes a decent choice.

Brooks B67

Brooks Saddles B67

From a few glances, you may not immediately notice the difference between Brooks B66 and Brooks B67. However, Brooks B67 is the more modern version of Brooks B66. It is made to be more compact and portable and more compatible with modern bikes. It is very similar to Brooks B66 that it has 260mm length and 205mm width, so the seat surface is the same. The rear part is also wider than the front part.

However, it has a lower height and lighter weight, being 73mm tall and weighing only 850g. It is also classically sprung with double suspensions for excellent comfort, but it only uses a single rail for each spring for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars.

The Brooks B66 Vs B67

ItemeBrooks B66Brooks B67
BrandBrooks EnglandBrooks England
Features– Classically Sprung with Double Rails for Supreme Comfort – Ideal All-Rounder for Daily City Use in Up-Right Position – Made for Leisurely Type of Cycling – Rear Part of the Saddle is Wider – Tubular Steel Rivets– Classically Sprung Saddle – Single Rails that Attach to Modern Micro-Adjust Seat Pillars – Made for Leisurely Type of Cycling – Rear Part of the Saddle is Wider – Tubular Steel Rivets
Out Ratings*4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars

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Most ideally, you should choose the model that is most suitable for your bike. Is your bike compatible with single rails or double rails? Choose Brooks B67 for single rails, choose Brooks B66 for double rails. Brooks B67 is also slightly more compact than Brooks B66.

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