Bell Javelin Vs Giro Selector

It would help if you had special helmets for time trial races, not the common ones. It would help if you had something that guarantees your head will stay fresh and relaxed despite the blood-rushing speed and the intense adrenaline. You need something that does not hinder; instead, it must enhance your movements, if possible, with minimum wind resistance. And Need must address protection since that is the primary role of a helmet. The requirements are many, yet Bell and Giro still need to yield. They try to design the perfect bike race helmet within the Javelin and the Selector.

Bell Javelin provides the ultimate aerodynamic performance. Bell Javelin has a unique wind tunnel with channeled ventilation to lessen wind resistance across the helmet and give proper coolness to the user’s head in any condition. Its features Twin Axis Gear fit system is pretty easy to use and handle and also fits nicely on the head. Another prominent feature is its removable face shield. The shield often becomes a significant weight addition in many race helmets, and here you are allowed to wear and unwear the thing according to your needs. Bell Javelin uses X-Static Padding.

With the shield on, Bell Javelin is slightly heavier than Giro Selector. Without the protection, it is somewhat lighter. Giro Selector’s security is unremovable. Giro Selector is armed with its unique feature: The Selector, hence the name. The Selector is a feature to adjust the tail of the helmet. There are two different lower tail adjustments that you can choose to get the best aerodynamics based on your posture, riding position, and course conditions. Suppose you believe every second counts, then this helmet is perfect for you. Giro Selector has the famous Roc Loc 5 fit system, which suits every kind of head and also X-Static Padding. The ventilation system is unique here, with the vented eye shield connected with internal vent channels to provide cool air while heated air will be exhausted from the back tunnels.

Bell Javelin Vs Giro Selector

Bell JavelinGiro Selector
Features– Adjustable Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system for a superior fit – Removable Race Shield and SeamFlex Ear Flaps – Fusion In-Mold Microshell construction and channeled ventilation – Weighs 380 grams and comes in three sizes – Features X-Static Antimicrobial padding– 10mm “Shallow” tail for riders with flatter back profile – 45mm “Tall” tail for riders with compact/hunched back profile – Vented Eyeshield (Gray/Silver Flash included. Clear /Silver flash available) – X-Static padding and featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle – Removeable EVA pads to customize width and feel
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In general, Giro Selector promises better performance than Bell Javelin. You can get the proper adjustments with the helmet to achieve the most suitable settings for every condition. So, it is the way to go

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