Avid BB7 Vs TRP Spyre – With Compare

Are you planning to upgrade your bike with a better brake? If you have been planning to get a truly robust and reliable brake, there is a good chance that you have saved some chunk of money.

For the best brake for a bike, there are a lot of people out there who would recommend you to get either Avid BB7 or TRP Spyre. Both are popular brakes for bikes. The two are currently considered to be in the same price range. So, what’s the difference between Avid BB7 and TRP Spyre? Continue reading below before you make your choice!

Avid BB7 Vs TRP Spyre

Single Piston vs. Dual Piston

The truth to be told, you can switch from Avid BB7 to TRP Spyre, or vice versa, quite easily and immediately. This is because the two are using the same mounting brackets. This is great if you are currently using one of the two and wondering if the other is better – if you really want to switch after reading our article, you can do the process easily. Even though they have similar mounting designs, Avid BB7 and TRP Spyre are actually two very different brakes.

Both are mechanical brakes, but Avid BB7 has a single-piston design whereas TRP Spyre has a dual-piston design. The dual-piston design can have several advantages over a single-piston design. Generally, a dual-piston brake can generate more torque, which translates into more stopping power.

A dual-piston brake also wears off more evenly than a single-piston design, making it easier for you to maintain the bike. You will be able to adjust the brake pads using a simple barrel adjuster or an inline adjuster at the bars.


Putting these two brakes into some tests, we can clearly see that TRP Spyre is indeed a better brake than Avid BB7. The first thing that can be immediately noticed is that TRP Spyre is much quieter than Avid BB7. The thing with Avid BB7 is that it is rather noisy.

This is a pretty common issue with single-piston mechanical brakes. The design of them creates more uneven friction which translates into more noise. Besides being quieter, TRP Spyre also delivers slightly more stopping power. The brakes are more responsive and powerful for immediate stopping.

Avid BB7 Vs TRP Spyre compare

Brand Avid TRP
Features – AVID MTB BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake Front AND Rear 160mm. – Includes TWO sets of calipers and rotors, one set each for front and one for back wheels. – Aluminum alloy calipers, 16 bolts & 2 stainless steel G2 160 mm rotors. – Smooth power modulation and easy adjustability. – The Spyre SLC, a mechanical disc brake that offers superior performance with incredibly easy setup. – This is a dual-sided mechanical disc brake caliper where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. – This translates into even pad and rotor wear.
Our Ratings* 3.9 out of 5.0 stars n/a
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Between these two brakes, we recommend you to choose TRP Spyre. It has a better design that makes it easier to maintain. It is also quieter and slightly more powerful.

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