13 Tips For Buying a New Bike

Buying a new bike is a very important moment for all cyclists, for economic investment is usually very high, cyclists spend much time on our bike and if our choice is not good, not be happy end up losing a lot of money and time and inclination, so it is important to follow some guidelines when choosing our new bike for everything to be perfect, these are our tips.

1. Size choose the right size for your physical, often to buy a new bike, we offer a bike at good prices but they are not, our size, forget them. You never will ride comfortably with a bike that is not in your size and source of injury will be happy with it.

2. Find a good price; no hurry is essential when buying our new bike, an ideal time is the season finale in which many bike shops liquidate their stock at the unbelievable price. Do not wait for the new models, in this changing the market, brands vary their ranges and prices from one year to another, if we want a good price should not buy the just-launched models.

3. Choose a mode suited to our bike, it’s important to know what kind of cycle we are and what we do with the bike, depending on that will choose a model that fits our style, of course we should avoid buying a bike for a good price that does not conform to what we usually do

4. The transmission is always a good selling point; we should avoid changing set ourselves only as usual in models with good price to have the gearbox top end and the rest of the transmission of much lower quality.

5. Measure wheel, this has complicated even more by choosing our bike, although supply manufacturers still in the process of change and nothing is defined, it seems that the future will be something like 29 wheel bicycle rigid, 27.5 wheels for bicycles and double wheels 26 for more basic ranges Apart from the measure is very important quality, look for the wheels are balanced between lightness quality and price, we also pay attention to the bushings because many times the loop is the hub of quality but not which affect bowling,

6. Material box. on the basis that aluminum is standardized and carbon is the material fashion clear that we have equality or similarity price between the same bike, if this is carbon components have the same worst bike in aluminum, although the trend in this sense it is clear, carbon glass high ranges of the bicycle while aluminum is left to the middle and lower ranges. other materials such as steel and titanium are increasingly less common

7. Suspensions, the quality of the suspensions is basic, either single or double front. A good suspension will allow you more time to enjoy your bike and make you less tired. When choosing bike brands we flee unknown that populate basic models being ineffective suspension brand always have Parts and Service

8. Pay attention to other components of the bicycle handlebar stem, saddle brake pedals are very important components, seeks more balanced quality with the price you pay for the bike.

9. It is not always possible but it is important to test the bike before you buy today marks organize many events that allow us to test the bike style test the best,

10. Our serious initial idea to buy wherever cheaper, in a store usually we will be well advised and have the possibility of us fit, also on the Internet are many options with good prices for example in the online bike shop.

11. The ideal would be to never use the warranty and after sales service, but as you never know is important to know that the warranty on the bike we like and inquire via internet experience with the brand other users

12. Find information on the bike you want, ideally find the most unbiased information possible, the usual source is through magazines and forums, including in foreign websites you can find all information about defects and hidden problems bike we like .

13. Buy your bike once, avoid buying classic bike and frequently buying new parts to improve it is better to spend more at the beginning, eventually you will come much cheaper.

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